Monday, 15 December 2014

Wedding pictures with WOW factor – how to cooperate with your wedding photographer in 20 points:

1. Make sure the lighting at the wedding and the reception venue will allow the photographer to work without flash.
Churches are often under lit or very dark. If you choose a church to be your wedding shoot venue and there is no extra lighting, be aware of the fact that using flash kills the feeling and won’t let the photographer to show the beauty of the interior.
If you choose a hotel or other room, remember that the reddish or bluish light that usually gets into dark room will also prevail in the photographs.

2. It is important to „connect” with the photographer as a person.
There’s no other people who would spend so much time with you during preparations, ceremony, and reception. If you understand each other or share a sense of humour, your pictures will be so much better. Remember that you are a team with a common goal: pictures with a WOW effect.

3. Don’t try to play a role. 
Be yourself, show what defines you, don’t act, don’t prebend to be someone else. You look best when you are yourself. And that’s ok, a special on your wedding day! 

4. Communicate – give all the details of your day to the wedding photographer.
Sure your photographer has been to many wedding already, has seen it all, but he has never been to YOUR wedding yet. Don’t hesitate to discuss everything in detail, especially what you think is important or unusual. 
"As a photographer, I do not interfere with the goings, I observe and take photos. It’s easier when I’m not surprised by anything important about to happen suddenly".   

5. If you pose, don’t force yourself to do anything that you are not comfortable with. 
If you like to pose, if portrait photography is your thing, that’s great but remember that copying someone else’s picture that you liked might not be the best for you. I let the couple to just be with each other, show emotions, go for a walk, take a breather from the mayhem of a wedding day. Don’t rush it. Give yourself and your photographer time and you’re sure to get WOW photographs.

Kinnitty Castel wedding photographer 
6. Photo Bens, mobiles, iPads - prohibited at wedding ceremony.
The choice is yours and only yours whether to trust your wedding photographer and let your guests fully engage in the ceremony. Wedding without mobiles – it’s not too much to give your photographer an opportunity to take photos with WOW factor. 

7. It might sound like a non-brainer… make sure that the venue allows the use of cameras.
There is no worse thing for a photographer to learn he’s not allowed to take photos or that he’s only allowed to stay at the end of the room or other place which would ruin any chance for good pictures from your special day.

8. Photographer at your wedding is not your enemy.
Remember that you are a key element in a portrait photograph that’s supposed to … show YOU. Your photographer surely has the skill and knows how to do it – but if you’re not fully involved, the pictures will be dull and boring.

9. Don’t be afraid to try something new.
Couples often want to copy pictures they saw earlier, but the whole fun is in trying something new, a special that is YOUR wedding day. The worst thing that could happen is that your photographs will be different, original, yours and… just WOW. 

10. Romanticism? Highly recommended
Don’t be afraid to show tenderness, to be romantic, show emotions at your wedding day. If it is not forced, WOW pics are easy to get …

11. If you chose reportage/documentary style wedding photography  - give your man time.
Wonderful, unforgettable, natural, and unique wedding photos are those taken „by surprise”, but those cant be pre-ordered or “pre-set”. While planning The Day, think if you’ll have time to “hunt” for such pictures – maybe the pre-planned shots will take the most part of your ceremony.

12. Get wedding dress [or wedding shoes] dirty!
The dress is a vital part of your wedding… but don’t let it dictate what you should or shouldn’t do. Chill out and let the photographer surprise you how gorgeous the photos turn out.

13. Be creative. Embrace all things new.
It’s your wedding day and it’s up to you whether it’s going to be full of all things … you.

14. Gave up all the bells and whistles on your wedding? Great!
Didn’t go for the limo, band, and all that ritual? You don’t need it all to make The Day be YOURS. The more YOU in the mix, the better chance for FAB pics.

15. Pack wedding photographer into your suitcase.
If you’re planning to get married abroad, you have plenty of options, even if you’re on the budget. It’s good to hire someone who’s on the same page as for the style or culture you prefer. Check the prices yourself. You will be surprised to find that taking a wedding photographer with you won’t be much dearer than hiring someone local. The effects could be greater than you anticipated!

16. Black&white wedding photography – beautiful&practical
Monochrome photography lets the audience focus on vital elements and often makes the whole thing easier for everybody when light in certain scenery is too colourful to be “mollified”. 
Black&white pictures redefine beauty.

17. The more isn’t always the better.
Inconspicuous and seemingly unattractive locations may let you get startling effects. Don’t be afraid to be different… or listen to what your photographer may have to suggest.

18. It’s men’s day, too.
The wedding day does not only belong to the bride and the bridesmaids. The groom and his company go through a lot as well. Enjoy the day, both of you, have fun, and the WOW pictures will just … happen.

19. Evening, night or daytime - wedding pictures all day long.
Daytime is not the only option if you want to get interesting photographs. Allow for some time in the evening as well [the so called “golden hour”], or at  night, and the FAB pics will come your way.

20. Remember, at YOUR wedding, you’re supposed to have the time of your life!
How’s everybody enjoying the day depends on you – on what you choose to be a part of it all, on how you want your family and friends to spend that special time  - remember, the more fun everybody has and the more’s going on, the greater the chance to capture all the WOW moments on FAB photographs!